About Ambulatory Veterinary Surgery

Ambulatory Veterinary is proud to offer the Maryland and greater Baltimore area exceptional veterinary services. 

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Ambulatory Veterinary Surgery's Story

At Ambulatory Veterinary Surgery, we have one saying and that’s to take care of your pet like they’re our own.

dr. casey havemann

After the birth of her twins, Dr. Havemann realized two things, life is precious and it should be spent doing what you really love. For her, that is spending quality time with her family and offering pets an improved quality of life through surgery. Dr. Havemann purchased Ambulatory Veterinary Surgery(AVS) in 2021 and transitioned to mobile surgery so that she could offer her surgical skillset to serve pets in the community in a more accessible and affordable way while also having the time to be present for her children. As a mobile surgeon, Dr. Havemann is able to offer much of the same surgical expertise found in a large specialty hospital, right in your veterinary office. 

Dr. Havemann enjoys all aspects of veterinary surgery including both orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. However, she has a special interest in surgical oncology, tissue reconstruction, cruciate and patella luxation management, and fracture repair. With 8 years of 100% Referral surgical experience, she is well equipped to support your surgical needs. Your patient can get the care they require at a lower cost and sooner than they’d face at a tertiary facility while you retain the client in your own hospital. With a personal emphasis on communication, education, and mutualism among doctors, clients, and staff, she provides your hospital the ability to offer a more complete package of veterinary services. Dr. Havemann provides a full array of advanced orthopedic, oncologic, and soft tissue procedures, which can add value to your practice.

We proudly serve the pets of Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding area.

Thank you for trusting Ambulatory Veterinary Surgery with your patients. We look forward to providing them with the most comfortable surgical experience possible.